Feel Like This Picture? Call Us. (A Post On Benefits Of Membership)

by Gayle Gilham on February 15, 2016

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You’ve paid for us, why not use us?

I love it when a member asks, “Now remind me, what are the benefits of membership in Cascade”? I see that statement as an opportunity to share something that I know every employer can use: resources to help develop their organization into a great employer.

(Not a member? Learn why over 400 employers rely on Cascade.)

So many resources out there

When it comes to human resource management, you have a multitude of “free” options to get information on the topic, including the Internet and government-funded agencies. Have you tried these lately? How did that work for you? How much time did you spend finding the right contacts? Did you feel confident about the information gained? Can you contact the same individual that provided you the information if you need future clarification? Do they understand your particular organization and have a history of your past challenges? These questions come from Cascade’s acknowledgement that there is rarely a clear path through a sticky situation. We take each situation in context of your organization and culture. There are many different ways and resources to implement the law effectively.

Really, why is Cascade different?

Online and governmental resources are generally useful, if not necessary. In fact, Cascade couldn’t function without some of them. But why use your valuable time doing the research, only hoping it’s accurate information, when you have Cascade? You’ve paid for us, why not use us? Did you know that there is no other human resource consulting organization in the region that has the depth of knowledge and experience that Cascade has? And if there was, you would pay a significantly higher fee.

Tell me about one good benefit of membership

Now, back to the original question: What are the benefits of membership in Cascade? There are many, in fact too many to explain in this article. But I think I can easily explain one of them right here…one that, if you use nothing else, equals the value of your membership investment. It’s called AnswerSource.

Please tell me you’ve heard of AnswerSource. It’s your helpline (no pre-recorded messages here; you get real people and the same people) for quick and reliable answers to employment-related questions. AnswerSource is staffed with experts who have hands-on experience in the world of HR. We want to hear from you; we want you to move forward with confidence with every decision you make about managing your people; we want to create a long-term relationship with you; often we can help you uncover the root cause of why you asked the question in the first place. Whether you’re looking for clarification on a regulatory compliance topic or you’re just looking for a second opinion before taking action, we’ve got you covered.

Next time you want a quick, reliable answer … just call us. If it’s more convenient for you, we have a dedicated phone number for AnswerSource: 866-232-7378. Don’t worry about remembering this number, though. Simply contact us via any method and you’ll get your answers.

Watch for more posts about the benefits of membership. In the meantime, I’d love to visit you in your work environment to explore the value of membership and how it can help you, personally.

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