A Peek Into 2020 and a Training Gift for You and Your Organization

by Bill Swift on January 13, 2020

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Peeking Through

Might be the best three clicks you’ll make in 2020

If you have anything to do with your organization’s training and professional development, here’s some stuff to make your new year go a whole lot smoother.

Our January 30 ½-day leadership session Designing an Engaging Employee Development Plan is specifically tailored for those charged with developing, administering, promoting and coordinating your organization’s employee development and continuing education. You will work with a roomful of professionals to grow your 2020 training plan. We will outline best practices for assessing needs, targeting resources, promoting employee development, and evaluating programs. And, best of all, this is free to members. The usual training fee of $125 will be waived for one participant from each member – just enter discount code PDPROMO at checkout!

This January 30 training will be in Salem. We also offer this topic in May (Portland) and in July (Eugene).

If you want a glimpse at what our Leadership and Professional Development looks like, please take a minute to check out these “sneak peeks.”

Designing an Engaging Professional Development Plan – (Complimentary Registration for Members)

Over the years, our training department has been called upon to help members with the challenges of maintaining effective workplace learning programs. All employers want to provide opportunities for ongoing development. You don’t have to be a researcher to know that ongoing education helps with attracting and retaining employees along with improving engagement and morale. Please come join the conversation. Take a look.

Train the Trainer – Best Practice for Knowledge Transfer

The train the trainer sessions dig in on adult learning theory, maximizing learning, best practices for delivery and content development. In this 8 minute sample we review the Transfer Matrix that reveals who the key players are in making our learning stick. Take a look.

Emotional Intelligence – 5 Key Components

Research continues to show that Emotional Intelligence skills are more important even than technical knowledge when it comes to maintaining employee engagement. Here we outline the skill set that takes good leaders into the great zone. Take a look.

Getting Things Done – Finding (and Promoting) the “Why” Behind Your Project

While our full-day Project Management training gives participants an opportunity to outline in detail all the core components of an effective project, this video spotlight takes us into the crucial factor for developing and selling your project to the team—the “Why” behind the work. Take a look.

Strengths Based Leadership – Working in the ZONE

Many of our leadership offerings bring focus to the business case for helping all employees to spend more time Doing What They Do Best. Great leaders follow the clues to their own and their coworkers Strength Zone. Tools, including ©The Predictive Index are reviewed. Take a look.

Creative Problem Solving

A glimpse at the process for breaking down creativity and promoting positive problem solving with our teams. Take a look.

Keys to Successful Change Management

In our Change Management trainings (part of Leadership Engagement Essentials, Basics of Supervision, Change Management, and Personal Strategies for Managing Change) we review useful models for navigating workplace transitions. This is a quick breakdown of the 6 keys to successful transition. Take a look.

Breaking Down Best Teams

Borrowed from the Table Group, this is a picture of the key characteristics of the most effective work teams. We explore these models in our Leadership offerings including Basics of Supervision, Foundations of Leadership, and Accountability and Delegation. Take a look.

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