Overcoming Assessment Skepticism: How I Became a Convert of ©The Predictive Index

by Erin Bair on March 20, 2017

in Employee Engagement,Strengths

The Predictive Index: Decoding the Human

Years ago I conducted an experiment as a project for my psychology class where I literally gave every participant the exact same results to an assessment and then asked how accurate the reading had been. Without exception, every participant stated that the results were unerringly on target.

I had stumbled upon the Barnum Effect, a common psychological phenomenon whereby individuals give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that are seemingly customized specific to them, but are, in truth, vague and general enough to apply to anyone. It totally soured me on all personality assessments.

So when I heard about The Predictive Index’s Behavioral Assessment™, I immediately thought of my psych class. However, someone I respected (Cascade’s very own Courtney LeCompte!) had recommended it to me so, despite my skepticism, I gave it a shot. Although my skepticism was only heightened by the fact it only took me six minutes to complete the assessment, I was amazed by how accurate the results were. I was even more floored (and convinced this was no Barnum Effect) when my colleagues discussed their results with me as well.

As it turned out, that was just a taste of what The Predictive Index could do. While the Behavioral Assessment is a fantastic coaching and professional development tool, it can also be used with PI’s Job Assessment to ensure that organizations hire individuals that are a natural fit for the role they need to fill. And with the Cognitive Assessment, a tool that measures how quickly someone learns, PI makes it much more likely that people will be successful (and stay longer!) in their new roles.

I have never before seen a tool that addresses every stage of the employee lifecycle from hire to retire. I am both thrilled and proud that Cascade has been selected to become a PI Certified Partner because I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way we help members achieve excellence in the workplace. I have no doubt that it will become the golden thread that links together all our services here at Cascade and I’m excited to share it with anyone who will listen – even with skeptics like me.

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