Oregon Executives Report Business Trends for 2018

by Courtney LeCompte on October 30, 2017

in SalaryTrends

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Executives in Oregon and Southwest Washington recently provided their business projections for 2018 in the National Business Trends Survey. The preliminary results show a mixture of confidence and anticipated business challenges, with the majority of executives reporting optimism for the New Year.

Based on the survey results, five prominent trends to watch for in 2018 are:

  1. Increased Sales
    75% of Oregon executives are projecting their 2018 sales to surpass sales results of 2017.

  2. Stability And Confidence In The U.S. Economy
    Nearly 83% of Oregon executives are anticipating the U.S. economy to remain fixed or to improve in 2018.

  3. Sustaining And Increasing Staffing Levels
    Hiring plans in 2018 show a mixture of consistency and growth, with 57% of executives planning to maintain their staffing levels and 43% planning to hire more staff in the next twelve months. This includes recalling layoffs, hiring temps or contract workers, and/or hiring new employees.

  4. Anticipated Challenges
    When executives were asked to list their top business challenges in 2018, nearly 65% of executives listed a skilled labor shortage as an impediment to achieving business growth.

  5. Priorities That Span Generations
    When asked what new hires are looking for based on their various generation groups, certain priorities prevailed throughout generations. All generation groups were listed as prioritizing competitive pay when seeking a new job. Other priorities were prevalent among multiple generations, but not all. A leading priority for Traditionalists, Boomers, and Gen X groups included competitive benefits. Flexibility in work hours was a leading priority for Millennials and Digitals. While some priorities span generations, such as competitive pay, other priorities appear to be generation specific.

The 2018 National Business Trends Survey, which will be published in mid-November of 2017, provides executive level insight into current and projected national, regional, and local business trends. Visit SalaryTrends to learn more about the 2018 National Business Trends Survey, or to purchase the full report.

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