Improvements on the Way for Cascade’s Nonprofit Pay and Benefit Survey

by McKenna Arnold on February 18, 2020

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Time is Money

Cascade’s traditional Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey is being replaced with two separate surveys: Regional Pay Survey and Regional Benefits Survey. What does this mean for you, why is this an improvement and why should your participate now?

Cascade has a proven track record with its Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey. Before we changed anything, we wanted to make sure that our new surveys would be even more successful and useful to organizations. In 2019, we partnered with another employers association in Washington to add their members to our Regional Pay Survey and collaborate on a Regional Benefits Survey.

As a result of the partnership, 130 new nonprofits from Oregon and Washington were added to the Regional Pay Survey, providing even better pay information for you. In fact, we were able to have reportable nonprofit data for 282 positions – that is 124 more positions than we could report on in our combined survey!

Similarly, the Regional Benefits Survey was designed to be as close to the benefits portion of the Nonprofit Benefits Survey as possible. As it was, there were 106 nonprofit participants in the Regional Benefits Survey in 2019. For comparison, there were 66 participants in the benefits portion of the 2019 Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey. Most organizations who participated in the 2019 Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey did not participate in the Regional Benefits Survey, so that participant rate also has the potential to go way up!

So now that you know about why the new surveys are replacing the old, how do you go about participating? Well, chances are that if you participated in the previous Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey, we already have your contact information and will send out participation reminders for the new surveys.

If you already have an Evergreen account, go ahead and update your pay data to be considered a participant in the Regional Pay Survey. If you don’t have an Evergreen account, have forgotten your login information, or want to be added to the contact list for the Regional Benefits Survey, contact McKenna Arnold, Survey and Research Manager, at Any organization in Oregon or Washington is encouraged to participate and receive large discounts off the final reports.

If you are interested in obtaining both nonprofit pay and benefits data, we will be offering both reports combined at a discounted price from purchasing the reports separately. The exciting new benefit is that both reports will now be available for FREE to all participating members.

You can purchase the combined reports now, and they will be sent to you as they become available. You must participate in both surveys to receive the discounted price. Failure to participate in both surveys will result in your organization being charged the remaining fee for the relevant non-participant price.

The Regional Pay Survey is open now. Get your compensation data in by March 16, 2020 to be considered a participant.

The Regional Benefit Survey will be open for participation in June. Make sure you are on our contact list and we will send you an email when it is open.

We look forward to hearing from your organization!

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