Five Important Updates to the Oregon Regional Pay Survey

by Courtney LeCompte on May 28, 2019

in SalaryTrends

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In an ongoing effort to provide valuable, relevant, and comprehensive market wage data within the Oregon Regional Pay Survey, Cascade is excited to share a few recent survey changes.

Through our new survey partnership with Archbright, an employer association based in Seattle, Washington, the Oregon Regional Pay Survey has expanded significantly into Washington and will now be classified as a Regional Pay Survey. The survey will continue to represent organizations throughout Oregon and SW Washington, but will begin to see a larger population of Washington-based organizations within the participant demographic.

So what does this mean, exactly? Here are five important updates:

1. Title Change

The Oregon Regional Pay Survey, currently divided into three PDF reports (Executive, Exempt, and Non-Exempt), will now be titled the Regional Pay Survey. The Exempt and Non-Exempt reports will be combined into one Regional Wage report and the Executive report will continue to remain a stand-alone report.

2. New Benchmark Jobs!

With this partnership, we have added over 150 new jobs to the survey. Please participate now by taking a moment to review, job match, and input pay data for as many of the new jobs as possible.

If you have never participated in this robust survey, contact us for your unique login information. For past participants, you can also locate and review all new jobs by logging in to your survey account and under the Jobs Match tab selecting the “*2019 New Jobs” job family.

3. Increased Participation

Over the next couple of months, we anticipate survey participant counts to significantly increase. Higher participation typically leads to more jobs with sufficient data reported to support your pay decisions.

Increased participation can also positively affect the Custom Report Tool (our unique online tool that allows you to create custom surveys based on multiple data cuts) and the likelihood that sufficient data will be available for reporting. Within the published survey job reports, there will be multiple data cuts per geographic area, including overall norms for Oregon and Washington, as well as state-specific county and location data cuts.

4. Same Cost for 2019

The survey costs will remain unchanged for 2019. The new Regional Wage report (previously Non-Exempt and Exempt reports) will reflect the combined cost of the two PDF reports.

5. 2019 Publication Date

The 2019 Regional Pay Survey (Regional Wage and Regional Executive reports) will publish on July 29.

If you would like to participate in our Regional Pay Survey for the first time, do not remember your login, or have any questions regarding our surveys, please reach out to

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