Social Media: Finding Balance in the Workplace

by Bethany Wright on May 21, 2018

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Social Media seems to have taken over our lives. It’s everywhere you go, in everything you see and hear, and it influences most everything we do, even if we don’t realize it1.

Social media will likely become a larger and larger part of our lives, whether we like it or not.

If you currently have policies to prevent the use of social media in your place of work, it might be time to start thinking of ways to incorporate, rather than restrict, the use of social media in your offices. This is true for a number of reasons:

  1. Blocking the use of websites will typically look like a challenge to many employees, and they will spend more time trying to find creative ways into the sites they want to see most, rather than being productive at work.

  2. Employees use social media as a mental break from work when they have completed a project or need a breather from a task they have been working on. It can feel like a small “prize” to take a quick break when they have accomplished something.
  3. Restricting access to these sites because of a few potential abusers is a surefire way to make employees feel that you don’t trust them to do their job.
  4. Social media can be a great resource for work-related research and networking with others within the industry.

For those, and many other reasons, it might be time to jump on board the social media train and make it part of your current office culture. Here are some ways you can start integrating social media into your business:

  1. Create a solid Social Media policy in your employee handbook. This will establish ground rules for those using social media during work hours, and those who have associated themselves with your company on their social media platforms.
  2. Give your employees “Social Media Breaks” during the workday. This will allow your employees an opportunity to check their social media accounts without fear of getting into trouble and allow them a short breather between projects when needed.
  3. Encourage employees to check out your company Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. If you don’t have one/any – create them!

While a lot of businesses worry that employees will take advantage of such open policies, others have found that it has made their employees feel more trusted and more productive overall.

You never know, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship between your business and social networking.

1 PEW Research Center article:

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