Random Roundup: The Final Edition

by Michelle Toney on April 15, 2014

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This is my final Roundup edition, although it’s not the last of the GreatWork! blog by any means, but I wanted a last chance to share a few bits of goodness that I’ve recently uncovered on the internets.

  • I do hope everyone is having a great Tuesday, especially if you stayed up half the night to view the fantastic eclipse. In which case, I hope you have a lot of coffee available. Although, according to this article, that might mean you are getting a bit shortchanged on training opportunities, so make a mental note to schedule some training in the near future and then drink up.
  • If someone asked me if chocolate made me happy, I would probably stare blankly at them and try not to say, “Duh!” But now it is official that it could make everyone happy, since it is scientifically proven that chocolate should be a regular part of life. Especially at work.
  • You’ve probably heard every late excuse in the book, or thought you had, and maybe you’ve used a few yourself. But other than the compilation of the worst things people do in a job interview, this is my annual favorite list.
  • The great Conan O’Brien once said at the end of his job, “if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

I really believe that what Conan said is true. Thank you for being a part of Cascade. It has been an honor to work with Members who value and invest in their employees. I hope we’ll meet again sometime!



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