Random Roundup: Little Things & Growing

by Michelle Toney on October 1, 2012

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Hold on a sec, mom, I'm on the phone

I remember as a kid, wishing I could grow up faster than the slowly passing days. Just to get from a Monday to a Saturday took forever. And birthdays seemed to take much longer than a year between them.

Now, I can’t get life to slow down and every day seems to fly by. I’m having a little trouble today believing it is already October. Wanting to savor each moment before we go into another Oregon rainy winter, I found myself collecting articles for this roundup that focused on simple daily acts that can powerfully change your course.

In this week’s roundup:

Seth Godin, the always brilliant and wise man, reminds us that there is simple power in just one day. Little actions add up over time.

Ben from Upstart HR finds a small but powerful reminder of the process legacy left by an all-time great supervisor.

In this short video by Harvard Business Review, a company decided that their small acts of customer service made their business powerful. For one woman, it saved her life.

In this article from the TLNT blog, once again HR’s influence and insight is recognized as being helpful in many top decisions. This posts asks, “What needs to happen first? ” The answer? “Learn to speak a collaborative language.”

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Hope you have a great week!


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