Connect Individual and Organizational Values

by Glen Fahs on December 12, 2016

in Employee Engagement,Reflection

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How powerful are words that communicate purpose, vision and values to the success of an organization?

Strong organizations require a strong organizational culture, which helps employees understand expectations, feel a sense of pride and focus on what is good and right. A mission or values statement, a creed or a set of beliefs distinguishes a business from other firms and identifies its scope of operations in product and market terms. The organization’s mission is fundamental to establishing priorities and making strategic decisions.

According to the research of James Kouzes and Barry Postern, the two best-selling writers on leadership and management in the last three decades, one of the most effective ways to improve productivity is to simply ask employees what their values are and how they could live those values in their work. If employees are asked their values, then they tune into their own motivational energy and have a frame of reference from which to connect to the organization’s values.

Combining sincere listening and follow-up with interest in employees’ values could give you a competitive edge when it comes to motivation.

If employees can integrate their own priorities with the organization’s agenda, cooperation and initiative are much more natural.

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