Recruiting When Talent is Scarce

by Carey Klosterman on September 18, 2017

in Recruiting & Hiring


So far, projections are upbeat regarding economic health and organizational growth for 2018. Yet, a prominent fear many organizations are facing is the lack of suitable talent out there. Recruitment of top talent is definitely at a peak, often times having to utilize recruiters or outsourcing to find that talent where current internal methods of finding the right people just isn’t cutting it.

What is an organization to do?

Here are a few tips to consider:

Get more referrals . . . Why?

  • The candidate will likely call you back.
  • The conversations are typically more natural as you have already made the initial connection (the person who gave you the referral).
  • They have already been prequalified.
  • You will likely know what you will need to pay them, and
  • Hopefully you trust the judgement of the individual who referred them.

Position a career move as career GROWTH

  • A career move needs to explicitly illustrate growth opportunities, a defined career ladder, improved satisfaction and flexibility.

Use various types of media to get your posting out there

  • Quality talent may not be looking, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make that move if the right opportunity came along.

Consider using behavioral assessments

  • Behavioral assessments allow you to get to know more about a person than just what they bring to the table in terms of education and experience.
  • Assessments like ©The Predictive Index allow you to develop an actual job assessment so you know the attributes of the person who will work well in your position.

Recruiting and attracting top talent significantly impacts the success of an organization. This is true for all levels within the organization from first line workers to top level executives. Getting the right people in the right jobs help to structure a thriving and prosperous organization, so ensuring you are making the most of your recruitment efforts will really pay off in the long run.

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