How Results Based Job Postings Increase Your Candidate Pool

by Jenna Reed on October 16, 2017

in Recruiting & Hiring

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According to the research explored by the Harvard Business Review, men tend to apply for a job when they meet only 60 percent of a job’s qualifications, but women tend to apply only if they meet 100 percent of them. Further research shows that traditional “in groups” are judged based on their potential while traditional “out groups” are judged by their proven accomplishments.

So how can we address this in the hiring process?

One simple change employers can make is drafting results-based job postings. These focus on what the individual is expected to achieve and the desired outcome, followed by job responsibilities. Here is a sample phrase from a results-based job posting:

You will deliver a client experience that leaves them feeling supported and confident. When something comes up, we want our clients to call us first.

This simple change can help expand and create a more diverse candidate pool for any position. This is especially important in the present when employers are facing low unemployment and increased job growth.

If you want to explore this more or need some help drafting your postings, just let us know.

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