Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

by Bill Swift on August 24, 2020

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Still in danger

Right Now May Be a Perfect Opportunity to Revisit a Few Foundational Questions

We have been spending a lot of time in ZOOMworld, “onsite” with our members statewide. We listen to teams, we discuss best practices for supervision, we work through some kind of “resetting” of our business and practices, and we find ways to embrace positive transition techniques.

While many teams are currently reflecting on the remarkable resiliency they are witnessing and experiencing, some are a bit uncertain about what the future holds. Either way, we are compelled to consider those things that are foundational and most important for our organizations. In these discussions I continue to hear about a hunger for those things that keep our feet planted in the right places.

My best mentors over the years have emphasized the value of thinking beyond the moment, stopping, sometimes for a brief moment along the journey, to check our mission and strategy GPS. With all the disruption and uncertainty, right now may be a great time to ask a few basic questions. This list comes from one of our training partners, The Table Group:

  • Why Do We Exist?
  • How Do We Behave?
  • What Do We Do (What Business Are We In)?
  • How Will We Succeed?
  • What Is The Most Important Thing Right Now?
  • Who On The Team Must Do What By When?

Any and all of these questions can be woven into a team meeting, or a supervisory coaching session.

My favorite of these questions is What Business Are We In? Several of our members are redefining the way that they connect to the community, to the people they serve, and to their work group.

Have you had an epiphany about the business you are in? Are you redefining your work? Are you in a different business than you used to be? We would love to hear your stories.

Yes, it is time for some agility. It also may serve us well to consider big picture. We just may breathe easier into the Fall.

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