Cascade Employers Association Members Show Vast Improvement in Sleep Patterns

by Bill Swift on April 22, 2019

in Membership

Sleep well, little friend!

At Cascade Employers Association we don’t sell mattresses, but we make the same promise of a better night’s sleep. Feedback from our members (executives, supervisors and HR professionals) tells us that they simply sleep better than non-members.

The reason? Peace of mind.

Whether it is because they have improved employee communication, clarified harassment and respect policies, developed their leaders, reviewed their compensation strategy, or gotten valuable information from an employee survey, managers know they can relax with the knowledge that they have done the right thing for their workforce.

Managing people is hard work, work we are sometimes not fully prepared for. There are challenges for motivating employees. There are policy and communication issues. There are sticky, icky and gnarly personnel situations. Laws change. Generations disagree on appropriate use of cell phones. Stuff happens.

Isn’t it nice to know you can phone a friend or get expert guidance? Doesn’t it help to know that, through training and skill building, you have given your supervisors and managers the skills they need to improve employee engagement? Isn’t it great to know that your compensation programs are properly aligned with the market? Is there not comfort in knowing that your 401K plan is providing solid options for your workers? Don’t you feel just a bit more settled knowing that a hiring or termination was compliant with the law?

Why be a member anywhere else?

Sleep well.

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