Happiness Is a Serious Problem

by Glen Fahs on November 28, 2016

in Leadership,Recognition


In his program “Happiness is a Serious Problem,” Dennis Prager shares three keys to happiness, including:

  1. Purpose and meaning in our work and our homelife;
  2. Relationships in our work, our community and our home;
  3. Gratitude.

While the first two seem obvious, the third is more intriguing: Gratitude. In this world of entitlements, immediate gratification and greed, how do we develop an appreciation of what others take for granted? Prager counseled, “Lower your expectations!”

There is good sense behind the warning, “You don’t get what you expect. You get what you inspect.” But the more we control and micro-manage, the less pride workers will take for their achievements. By training carefully, coaching supportively and then trusting others’ judgment (or at least their ability to learn), we build responsibility. Not everybody is ready to make big decisions, but when given options, we are no longer victims but instead participants in change.

I feel very grateful for my career opportunities, my trusting boss, my caring co-workers, my close knit family. We don’t need to have it all to be thankful. We need to realize that we are privileged to have a job, to be part of a team, to be able to help the less fortunate.

Tell the gardener she makes your building a nicer place. Tell your mechanic that you know his work counts in keeping you safe. Tell your receptionist how valuable that first impression and each connection is to the success of your company.

What are you grateful for? Enjoy and share the feeling.

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