Are You Using Collaboration Effectively?

by Alexis James on April 13, 2020

in Employee Engagement,Leadership


Before you say you believe in someone, before you encourage them to pursue their goals, it’s worth remembering: They need more than your words.

Passively believing in someone is easy; there are a lot of leaders who do this. That’s why actively believing in people is a differentiator.

Actively believing in someone means you:

  • Amplify their strengths
  • Ensure they’re accountable to higher standards
  • Offer constructive feedback (even when it’s hard)
  • Give them the tools to do what you believe they can do
  • Re-connect them to their purpose (when they’re doubting themselves)
  • Acknowledge their accomplishments (publicly and privately)

Believing in people isn’t the act of telling them so. Believing in someone is a course of actions.

Who do you believe in? And do your actions show it?

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