Thrill Your Employees on Halloween

by Bethany Wright on October 22, 2018

in Employee Engagement,Holidays

The Halloween Spirit

There are many ways to brighten up the work day, but holidays provide the perfect occasion to engage employees and show them work can be fun, too! Halloween offers more than one way to inspire your employees to be creative and gives you the chance to frighten some holiday spirit into them.

Allowing employees to venture back to their childhood is a great way to help boost morale and entice collaboration. Some employers may stage elaborate haunted houses, or throw big bashes to celebrate with their employees; others don’t allow costumes or decorations at all. Is there a middle ground for employers? Can you put on an appealing event and still maintain business during festivities?

Here are some tips for an employer-friendly Halloween event:

  • Give employees plenty of notice of the event. Many people like to put effort into their costumes or decorations and may want time to prepare.
  • Make sure employees understand that participation in the event is completely voluntary.
  • Set up specific times and locations for the actual holiday events. This allows employees who do not want to participate to keep focused on their regular duties.
  • Allow costumes, but set guidelines; costumes should comply with the company’s dress code and safety standards, as well as your company harassment policy.
  • Costume and decorating contests are a lot of fun and provide a great opportunity for relationship building in the office.
  • If costumes won’t work, some fun alternative activities are a pumpkin decorating contest, or Halloween themed games like a marshmallow toss or an apple cider donut eating race.
  • Hand out prizes for contest winners to entice more people to participate, such as movie passes, a massage, or maybe even 2 hours of PTO.
  • If business allows, let employees go home early to trick-or-treat with their kids. Even better, pay them for it!

We all spend a scary amount of time at work – putting on a fun Halloween party can make employees feel appreciated and remind them why they work for your company and not someone else.

If you ever need help with setting up policies or practices to put on an event like this, let us know!

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