Five Things You May Not Know About The Duck Store

by Guest on March 2, 2020

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Campus Duck Store

University of Oregon students know The Duck Store as their source for textbooks and other college essentials and Duck fans know us as their source for game day shirts and accessories. With a long history serving the campus community and beyond, we are both those things and more.

Here are five things you may not know about The Duck Store:

  1. The Duck Store turns 100 this year. Amid increasing enrollment and limited options for affordable textbooks and supplies, in June of 1920, a group of students and faculty established the University of Oregon Co-operative Store modeled after a similar venture established at Harvard University. 100 years later, we continue to support students and also serve all customers from artists to fans.
  2. We are led by a board of directors made up of University of Oregon students, faculty and staff. Since our co-op days, our nonprofit has been headed by a group of both University students and staff who serve on our board of directors. It has grown from five students and two faculty board members to eight students and three faculty positions.
  3. The University of Oregon’s student bookstore (predecessor to The Duck Store) was sold to pay off a debt to the football coach. In 1916, the University of Oregon’s Associated Student Body owned and operated the student bookstore. However, the 1917 football season was a “financial disaster,” and the University was forced to sell the store to pay off a $3,500 debt to the football coach.
  4. The Duck Store contributed 1.4 million dollars to the University of Oregon last year. As a nonprofit, it is our mission to serve the students, faculty and staff of the University of Oregon. Last year we were able to support our community through donations, sponsorships and operating expenses paid to the University and affiliated organizations.
  5. Our student employees collectively earned over 1 million dollars last year. Not only is our board of directors made up of students, but we are also proud to employ over 300 throughout the year across our eleven locations in Oregon and

Braydee Mahan
The Duck Store

Cascade is pleased to feature The Duck Store, striving to advance and foster the educational goals of the University of Oregon by creating an enduring sense of community among all Ducks—past, present and future.

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