Why Partner with a Compensation Consultant?

by Lindsay Hill on January 27, 2020

in Compensation

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Do you have compensation challenges and are unsure where to begin? Whether it’s quick compensation consulting or large projects, we are here to help!

There are numerous advantages to hiring an outside compensation consultant versus trying to tackle pay plan development on your own and with limited knowledge in this highly specialized area. Those advantages include:

Expertise – Compensation is often referred to as both an art and a science that takes education and experience to master. With a track record of experience in a wide variety of industries, degrees and certifications of expertise, an experienced consultant will know exactly how to help and do it in a thorough and well thought-out manner.

Objectivity – Having an outside perspective can be very beneficial in asking new questions and thinking of things in a new light. A good consultant uses a number of survey data sources to remain completely objective when providing data and making recommendations.

Compliance – A professional compensation consultant will help you remain compliant with an understanding of all of the ever-changing state and national laws around compensation.

Accuracy – The best consultants will use data from multiple reliable and robust survey sources to find the best data points to base your business decisions on and help you remain competitive in the market. Understanding survey data sources and determining comparable job matches requires a deep understanding of jobs, organizations, and practical compensation experience.

Time – Your project will get done at a much quicker speed with a professional concentrating on it for you. With minimal assistance from you, they take the worry and project off of your busy plate.

Cascade Employers Association’s Compensation team supports employers in all industries and sectors across the United States, with the largest concentration in Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada. With over 450 members of our own, and over 2,000 when we include our partner association members, consider us your go-to compensation resource. After all, we’re doing it all day, every day.

Contact us today for a quick conversation on how we can help, at lhill@cascadeemployers.com.

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