February Is All About “Loving What You Do”

by Courtney LeCompte on February 21, 2019

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As February is the month of love, let’s talk a bit about doing what you love and loving what you do!

Considering that most of us spend more than 2000 hours per year at our jobs, it would be great if we loved what we did. “Doing what you love” is typically at the heart of those who choose to work for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit employees have chosen a rewarding path, putting all their efforts into helping others, supporting a mission, and above all making a difference.

Because nonprofits oftentimes are constrained by limited financial resources, employee salaries are typically lower than average compared to what you might find in the general industry. That being said, nonprofits are still a business and need to attract and retain top talent.

During a time when recruitment and retention has never been more important, ensuring that pay and benefit levels are appropriate is crucial! Because we at Cascade understand how important nonprofit work is, we want to help make a difference. Due to the demand for quality, reliable pay and benefit data in the world of nonprofits, it is our pleasure to host the 2019 Non-Profit Pay & Benefit Survey for a third year. Our survey includes over 250 jobs and over 100 benefit/practice related questions.

Don’t miss out on this important opportunity and participate now! To learn more or sign up to participate, click here.

If you have additional questions contact Courtney LeCompte at clecompte@cascadeemployers.com or at 503.585.4320.

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