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I am the technology and media manager for Cascade Employers Association, and our desire for this blog is to communicate with, hear from, and meet as many of Cascade’s Members as possible.

The best part of our job is matching the resources of Cascade with the needs of our Members. If you stick around here much this may become a theme, but there are so many excellent resources, tips, and new things from Cascade that we’d love to share with you. Take care, and come back often to visit and share.

Angela Bergerson

Read more about our current Authors at the Cascade Web site:

Bethany Wright, HR Consultant
Bill Swift, Leadership Trainer
Lindsay Hill, CCP, GRP, Director, Compensation Services
McKenna Arnold, Survey and Research Manager
Alexis James, Director, Training & Organization Development
Gayle Klampe Gilham, President
Jenna Reed, JD, MBA, General Counsel and Director, Compliance Services

And thanks to our former contributors: Erin Bair; Courtney LeCompte; Carey Klosterman; Ryan Orr; Glen Fahs; Curtis Farmer; Lynn Morris; Amber Rogers; Jerry Bumgarner, CCP; Elizabeth Fuss, SPHR; Michelle Toney; Patrice Altenhofen, JD, MBA; and, Tara Rodden Robinson.

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