Sustaining Training: Finding the Unconscious Competence Zone!

by Bill Swift on January 21, 2019

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Paper Boats

Over the years in our Train the Trainer sessions we have had some of the most remarkable and fun sample trainings. The full-day session is designed to help all trainers, from the novice to the seasoned, sharpen their skills and their content. It is also designed to create a safe environment to try new stuff and practice delivery of a 5-minute sample training.

So, we review adult learning theory, learning styles, the roles of the trainer, and ways to make training stick. When we get to preparing the sample training we, of course, emphasize “Make it Interesting, Make it Memorable.”

Here are a few of the things that participants have come up with, showing that we have some really creative and talented trainers out there.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly — Right Way vs Wrong Way: This trainer brought in all the necessary ingredients for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, teaching the ways to mess it up along with how to properly make a PB&J. It was memorable because we were encouraged to make mistakes, had a real hands-on experience and, well, who doesn’t like PB&J?
  • How To Get Your Kids Out of the House On a Rainy Day: Essentially, this trainer taught us a simple process on how to fold newspaper into a paper boat. We all learned the skill, and it stuck because he built the “WHY” into the objective statement.
  • Planting a Pea: This trainer also built the “WHY” into an exercise where we all planted a pea in a small cup and set it up to grow. The well prepared instructor showed details about planting depth, nutrients and moisture that stuck with us because we all wanted our little pea to sprout.
  • Tie a Fishing Fly out of Pipe Cleaners: This guy was really stuck at first about what topic he was going to pick for his training. We discussed his personal passions and he jumped on the pipe cleaners, already on the table, as something he could use to demonstrate an important skill. We all tied a large “fly” out of pipe cleaners per his instructions. The fact that he really cared about demonstrating and practicing these fly-tying techniques really came across.

What is really interesting is that these talented and creative trainers often do not know that they are talented and creative. They simply needed a safe and supportive environment to hit their training stride.

If you would like to join our session on February 21, we still have room for a few who want to have some fun and hone their training skills.

Or sneak a peek at this training here.

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