Mea Culpa: What I’d Like Everyone to Know about Cascade’s Trainings

by Erin Mahoney on May 15, 2017

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«Oh no! These photographers again!»

I was speaking with a member today and had a painful realization: I’m not helping members enough with their training needs.

Here’s what happened: I was talking with a member about how membership is going when she mentioned she had scheduled a series of trainings onsite at their organization with one of our competitors. ‘Why on earth would anyone do that when our trainings are so awesome?!’ I thought to myself. (Naturally, I’m biased. But still!)

Rather than share my unfiltered reaction, I politely asked our member why she had chosen to go with someone else. “I didn’t realize that you brought trainings on site,” she said. “I thought you only had public trainings.” She then proceeded to blame herself for not knowing our offerings better.

I immediately corrected her, because this is not her fault. It’s mine. As the Director of Training, I should be making it so abundantly clear that we can bring every one of our public offerings on site that I should earn the nickname ‘Captain Obvious’ when I mention it. So this blog post is both an expression of my commitment to do more to communicate with you about our onsite offerings and an opportunity to do so.

Every single one of the forty-six trainings we have in our catalog can be brought on site. We also have an array of offerings that we can bring on site that aren’t in our current catalog including:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • How to Conduct a Stay Interview
  • Effective Meeting Facilitation
  • Coaching and Performance Management

In addition, unlike other trainers, we’re more than happy to customize our curricula so that they meet the unique needs of our members’ organizations. We also only charge training fees based on the length of the session (with significant discounts for members) rather than based on the number of participants so that you can include as many people as possible.

In keeping with my commitment to do better at promoting our onsite services, you’ll also notice a couple of changes in our upcoming catalog, to be released later this summer. We’ll do a better job promoting our onsite capabilities and we will also have a new section that lists additional topics we offer beyond our public sessions.

It’s important to me that everyone knows about our onsite offerings not because it’s good for our business, but because it’s good for your business. A recent Pew study found that the vast majority of U.S. workers say that new skills and training may hold the key to their future job success. And because it is an employee’s market and our members need to take every opportunity to help with recruitment, engagement, and retention, our members need to make training a priority. While our public offerings are a fantastic way to meet that need, on site trainings are another vital option that may be more convenient and effective for some members.

While it was humbling, I was so grateful to get this feedback from one of our members because it gives me an opportunity to better communicate our robust training programs. Please know I am always happy to talk about our trainings and how Cascade can help you achieve your training goals.

Feel free to contact me about your training needs at or call me at (503) 585-4320. Or view our current catalog online.

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