Focus on Strengths

by Glen Fahs on October 12, 2015

in Employee Engagement,Strengths

Playing together IV

If you are like most, you are especially conscious of weaknesses in yourself and others. It’s built in our wiring, our insecurity. But we get much further by focusing on strengths. People who say mostly good things about their spouse stay happier and remain married longer. Employees who say their supervisors focus on their strengths are disengaged 1% of the time compared to 22% who say their supervisors focus on their weaknesses.

Know what a self-fulfilling prophecy is? Good relationships are built on trust.

Start with yourself. Make a list of what you do with competence, with confidence, maybe with creativity? If you want to do more, see Tom Rath (from the Gallup Org), Strengthsfinder 2.0. It’s been a bestseller for a decade.

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