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by Glen Fahs on May 17, 2016

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Many organizations pay $900 or more for a good training DVD. Did you know that as a Cascade Employers Association member you get access to carefully selected DVDs and videos for FREE? That’s one of the many resource-sharing options that rewards you for being a member.

So which DVDs should you choose? Most are 17-25 minutes. Among the most popular are:

The Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace (manufacturing version or generic)

This one uses humor and realistically dramatized interactions to show the Rumor Monger, Pessimist, Steamer, Not-My-Jobber, Perfectionist (rarely satisfied or appreciative), Uncommitted (“whatever…”) and Resister. Users consistently report that it generates energetic, good-hearted feedback among employees.

More Than a Gut Feeling – Behavioral Interviewing

The most popular training video in past years, it shows how to get more valid and useful insights from job applicants by having them describe situations they have experienced. Specific questions are suggested.

In This Together

Using a quiz approach (“choose A, B or C”) on seven topics, the situations explores issues such as Attitude at Work, Respect and Harassment. Questions include:

  • When does being in a bad mood equal disrespect?
  • What happens if your “free speech” offends someone?
  • What is the rule when it comes to sexual attraction at work?

Other popular titles include “Accountability That Works,” “Positive Discipline,” “Group Think” and “Taking Charge of Change.” Go to the DVD Library on the Cascade website to see the whole list, procedures and how to use videos effectively.

Contact Cascade at 503.585.4320 to request a video. Videos may be kept for one week. Requests for reasonable extended viewing times are granted when possible.

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