Welcome to Oregon – The Land of Fast Job Growth and Low Unemployment

by Jenna Reed on May 8, 2017

in Recruiting & Hiring

Oregon Coast

If you live in Oregon, you know it’s great. I’ll admit it, I often tell people it’s so rainy and mossy and gray that they probably wouldn’t want to live here. “But I hear there is amazing food,” they say. “Oh, yeah, it’s fine,” I lie. It’s fantastic. “And the ocean and mountains; it’s all right there,” they say daydreaming. “Well it takes forever to get to the beach because everyone goes there,” I lament.

That part is kind of true, but the ocean beaches are close and wonderful. Truth is, it is a great place to live and work and it is an attractive place for job seekers.

Think about this: according to a recent report from the Oregon Employment Department, Oregon had the 8th fastest job growth in 2016 and recently set a record low unemployment rate at 4 percent. And right now, the forecast isn’t for things to slow down. This is great for job seekers, but presents some difficulties for employers.

Job growth is great news, but with record low unemployment, finding candidates is proving difficult. So I guess maybe I should do employers a solid and start telling people how awesome Oregon is to improve the prospective candidate pool. I’ll think about that one.

Employers, on the other hand, need to develop strategies and execute on plans to better attract, hire and retain employees. Several times a week I talk with employers about their problems finding and hiring talent. Our conversations almost always all lead to the same place. There is no plan on how to attract candidates. The hiring process is not designed to identify what and who is truly required for success.

“The person I hired isn’t the same person that I interviewed,” they complain. “I need someone now – anyone,” they express in frustration. Yep! It’s hard. Harder when the candidate pool is dwindling.

So what happens? We cave. We cave because the pressure to get “someone – anyone” is strong. We cave because it’s easier in the short-term.

“How many times have you had to replace that position?” I ask. This is usually followed with a deep breath and some number that I can tell is disappointing and frustrating to them. “So what will happen if you keep doing the same thing? What impact will that have on productivity, profitability, on you?” I ask. The cost of a bad hire is significant. The switch has happened. It’s an employee’s market. Making a quality hire and retaining them must be a priority for any business.

It’s most certainly a priority for our team in working with our Members. So when our team came across The Predictive Index I was immediately intrigued because it appeared to provide an amazing option to help businesses accurately define the true competencies needed in specific positions and help them greatly improve their success in hiring top talent, building teams and leaders, managing change, influencing productivity, and ultimately driving growth to achieve their business objectives. All of this gets started with a quick (about six minutes) and easy behavioral assessment.

Now, let’s let our minds wander for a moment…

  • What if you had a tool that could quickly help you better identify a candidate’s likelihood of success and engagement before you even hired them? A real tangible tool and not something theoretical.
  • What if you had a tool that helped you develop interview questions based on the job you’re hiring for in combination with your candidates’ specific behavioral drives?
  • What if you had a tool that helped your team better understand each other’s native behaviors and how that translates to their needs in the workplace?
  • What if you had a tool that told you how quickly someone absorbs and learns information?
  • What if your employees had a tool to give them specific tips on how best to communicate with their boss and co-workers?
  • What if your leaders had a tool to give them coaching and development tips and plans for each employee based on the employee’s specific needs in the workplace?

Oh, that is quite a wish list. Sounds impossible? I thought so. I was wrong. The Predictive Index provides all of this. In fact, I’m still discovering all of the amazing tools and resources available. For those that know me, I can be hard to impress. But for those that have already heard me talk about The Predictive Index know how impressed I am with it.

I am quite thrilled that Cascade is a certified partner with The Predictive Index because it allows us to proactively help employers thrive in this highly competitive Oregon market.

If you find your workplace struggling with finding and keeping great employees, let’s talk. I bet we can help. In the meantime, here’s to rainy, mossy, gray, awesome Oregon!

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