Tips for HR Ninjas: This Isn’t the Job I Thought It Was

by Bethany Wright on October 17, 2016

in Recruiting & Hiring,Tips for HR Ninjas


61% of employees admitted that new job responsibilities differ from the expectations presented to them during the interview process.1 How can you, an HR Ninja, prevent this from happening with your own new hires?

Here are a few ideas that really start before the hire:

  • Make sure your job descriptions are up-to-date and provided to candidates during the interview process.
  • Consider including people that are currently in the position (if more than one) on a panel interview. They should be able to explain the job in detail and answer questions from the candidates.
  • As part of the interviewing process, tour the facilities and let candidates see the job in action.
  • Consider a job shadow. Just be careful the candidates are observing and not performing any work that needs to be compensated.
  • Once hired, frequent check-ins can be very helpful to make sure their expectations are being met, along with yours. Consider scheduling check-ins on your calendar so you do not forget about them when things get busy.

If you do not know where to start, or feel like you want experienced assistance, we are just a phone call away.

1 Workplace transparency stats:

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