Can You Motivate Low Energy Employees?

by Glen Fahs on April 25, 2016

in Employee Engagement,Recognition

Tired Pup

Even very smart people assume that employees are either motivated or not, that no one can change the way they were born and bred. But that’s not true. Leaders listen carefully and probe. They are open to suggestions and build the confidence of others. They keep us informed and challenge us with goals and feedback. They praise our efforts and celebrate our meaningful achievements. They focus on our strengths and let us do what we do best every day.

Some leaders are afraid to praise enthusiastically, thinking they will seem phony. Others only see the flaws in ideas and discourage innovation. Some leaders hate mistakes so much they only delegate what comes easy. They control but rarely inspire.

As the Gallup organization long ago verified, there are no great organizations, only great supervisors and leaders who believe so much in employees that they believe in themselves. They give employees what they need, a sense that their work counts.

Employees come to work every day making the choice whether they will do what is expected or more. Whether they will be complainers or proposers. Whether they will care about their jobs, co-workers and customers, or they won’t. When leaders help them feel part of something big and help them make the best choices, those employees go home and have the energy to care more about their families and communities.

We give back to others what our supervisors give us. We give our commitment as we give our hearts – to those we trust who will treat them with care.

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