What Do You Wish Employees Knew About HR? (The “Bad” Decision Question)

by Michelle Toney on February 7, 2014

in Employee Engagement,Leadership,Performance Management,Reflection

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In HR, we’re all too familiar with the scenario; circumstances that are confidential make it necessary for a decision that isn’t very popular in the workplace in the following weeks/months/years. Questions can’t be answered fully and it makes the situation even worse. Yikes! This can affect workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. Two things HR also works really hard to improve.

What stinks about the whole scenario above is that it can diminish trust in the culture, when (hopefully)┬áthe decisions were actually made for the good of the company. Sometimes the decisions were not HR ones to begin with, and we don’t know the whole story, either. There’s a cost to many important decisions and some of the cost could be how other employees decide to interact with HR in the future.

Am I on the right track here, or did it only happen to me? I’d love to know what you think and how you handle it in your job.

But first, read this article that set off the question in my mind in the first place. Then leave some feedback in the comments, if you would.

Keep warm and stay safe this weekend!



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