New & Improved Format for Supervisor Trainings!

by Erin Bair on March 26, 2018

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Over the past year we’ve started to notice that there’s some confusion as employers try to distinguish the difference between Effective Leadperson training versus our Basics of Supervision training, and which employees to send to what session. Truth be told, it’s not always an easy determination.

As a result we get a mix of leads and supervisors in both of our trainings, with some getting more information and resources than they need and some getting less. The differences in experience make for a wonderfully collaborative learning environment, where individuals learn from their peers’ experiences, but we’ve been concerned that not everyone is getting the tools they need.

In an effort to encourage peer-learning, while better supporting our emerging leaders, we’ve decided to combine both Leadperson Effectiveness and Basics of Supervision into one modular training beginning this May. Day one will be the essentials that every supervisor and lead should know. Day two will provide more advanced topics in supervision, like discipline and employment law.

Here’s a snapshot of what will be covered in the newly combined trainings:

Day One:

  • Learn how to better navigate the transition from coworker to supervisor
  • Understand how to motivate employees and build solid relationships
  • Review the essential ingredients for effective direction and delegation
  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching

Day Two:

  • Learn best practices for handling discipline and performance problems in a positive way
  • Review the basics of employment law
  • Understand how to spot and respond to HR red flags
  • Practice applying learned skills to hypothetical situations

When registering, you will have the opportunity to register for day one only (at the same rate Leadperson Effectiveness has been offered) or both days (at the rate Basics of Supervision is currently offered). If you’ve signed up for one day and realize afterward that you would have benefited from both days, you can sign up for day two only in a future-offered session (as long as it’s within three months of the initial training).

Training leaders is one of the best investments you can make for an organization. We know it offers our members a serious advantage in an employee-driven market and we are committed to ensuring we offer the very best leadership curricula.

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