Did You Say Communications Training?! For Free?

by Michelle Toney on October 19, 2011

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If I was an HR Manager today, I would be signing up the majority of employees to come to this free training. The class that we are offering is called “Social Judo” and it covers a number of different suggestions and techniques for interaction with difficult people. Clients, guests, coworkers, and even supervisors can be challenging to communicate with on a daily basis. In this class you will review 6 difficult styles and effective responses; learn your personal trigger points and effective grounding strategies; discover the secrets of “Jerkenomics”; and, develop a personal plan for your unique situation.

Why would I send most of my employees? For a few reasons:

  1. I would send anyone that is having difficulty with another employee, or works closely with another employee and has communication problems or misunderstandings. Better yet? Send them both.
  2. I would send anyone in my top management team that hasn’t been to off-site training in the last three months. This training, for a management team as a whole, has the potential to reignite creative and positive communications. Your company needs the edge this will give you, and your managers need to hear it from someone who understands what they are walking each day.
  3. I would send any employee that has expressed an interest in training at all, ever. Training is a sign to an employee that you value them. This is something they look forward to getting to do. You are willing to invest in them and pay them to come. Especially if you send the class link to them and say, “I thought you might like this training, if you are interested just go ahead and sign up!”
  4. You. If you are sending employees, you need to come also. This is a training that can be used in coaching and training in a postive way. If your employees can’t get along a month after the class, have them pull out their training materials. If they are getting along better than before, use it as a chance to praise them. You need some new and fresh inspiration, too. Take the opportunity to come.

Be creative and be bold signing everyone up. There isn’t a limit to the number of employees you can send, but space is limited. You can sign up here. You can thank me at the class. :)


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