So Much To Do, So Little Time

by Carey Klosterman on December 11, 2017

in Holidays

Rote Weihnachtsbaumkugeln und weiterer Schmuck

So much to do . . . so little time. Between holiday baking, canned food drives, Secret Santa gifts, school holiday programs, gift giving, family parties, friend parties, recovering from all the parties . . . what is a person to do?

I just had the conversation with my spouse stating that it’s all a bit too much. This is one of my favorite times of the year, but this year has seemed more overwhelming compared to years past. Rather than feeling “joyous” (insert sad emoji face here), I just feel stressed!

I decided I needed to suck it up and remember what it is that I love about the season. During some fun Pinterest research looking for some yummy holiday baking ideas that will surely perk up my mood . . . well, and add to my pant size . . . I came across an article that talks about what employers are doing to help reduce stress on their employees.

The article goes into not adding additional stress on employees. We all know what that includes! Whether we are trying to make those few extra bucks for gifts, getting those last few year-end projects on the books, wrapping up open-enrollment, finishing budgets, etc., it can be overwhelming. Even when employers plan what seems like “fun” events, it still adds to our plate and gives us just one more thing to do. Here at Cascade, we have a few traditions that really help to lessen our stress levels and also make us remember what is important. Rather than stressing over the perfect gift for our favorite co-workers, we are encouraged to bring in goodies to share with one another. And there is one thing that Cascaders can agree on . . . we all love food!

During the holidays we typically choose a charity to contribute to as well. Whether it is to support families in need, or bring in books for children . . . we are reminded that the season is about giving.

One other more recent tradition (which may be a bit early to call it) is holding our annual Holiday party after the traditional holiday season. This came about when we had to postpone things in 2016 due to the awful holiday-time weather. We all have so many things to balance in one short month that our team agreed it would be great to once again have our party in January. Why not have something else to look forward to after all the typical parties are over, when we can relax and actually enjoy some downtime with our co-workers!

The Society of Human Resource Management conducted a survey of HR professionals and found some great practices to help alleviate some of that pesky holiday stress that gets in our way of enjoying the season:

  • Schedule holiday events during normal business hours.
  • Show extra appreciation for employees who work during a holiday.
  • Encourage casual dress for holiday parties.
  • Provide holiday food.
  • Give quarterly or annual bonus early for holiday shopping.
  • Provide floating days for holidays worked.
  • Offer reduced or flexible hours so employees can run errands, make holiday preparations or attend a child’s holiday program (or other Holiday celebrations).
  • Allow time for volunteer opportunities during work hours.
  • Allow employees opportunities to work remotely during the holiday season to save time by not having to commute.

All-in-all, it is a busy time of year, but employers can definitely do their part to ensure employees are not too overwhelmed from a business standpoint, and try to provide some added benefits that will help in their personal lives as well.

Don’t forget the most important part of stress . . . STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS . . . Enjoy!!!!

Happy Holidays!

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