Five Things You May Not Know About Oregon School of Massage

by Gayle Gilham on October 2, 2017

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For more than 30 years, the Oregon School of Massage has provided the most holistic, integrated approach to massage education in Oregon. This integrated approach is a core value that drives the whole program. Did you know…

  1. 30+ years ago the founder of Oregon School of Massage, Ray Siderius, developed a massage therapy program in a professional center that housed a physician, several counselors, several massage therapists and a meditation teacher. All these disciplines influenced Ray in the development of the program. Ray has a background in education, psychology and health science which led him to appreciate massage as an important health care component.

  2. OSM offers a 640 hour program that can be completed in as little as 15 months. Their program may take a bit longer than others because it is designed to be flexible for people who need to work and/or who have significant family obligations. Students can start any quarter and take as few or as many classes as they want.

  3. OSM classes occasionally draw people from not only around the US but from around the world as well. In the US they’ve attracted students from Florida, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska and many other states. World wide students have come from Austria, Scotland, England, Alberta, Vancouver, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

  4. Several instructors at OSM are nationally published authors including Gayle McDonald, Frank Coppieters, Mary Betts Sinclair, Marion Dixon, Doug Nelson, Leslie Stagger and David Lauterstein.

  5. Oregon School of Massage provides financial assistance in the form of low interest, in-house loans that can be spread over a period of up to six years. This allows many of their graduates to start their practice with less debt than they would have with FAFSA.

Cascade is pleased to feature Oregon School of Massage, where they believe what a therapist communicates through their touch, combined with knowledge of the body and presence, can make the difference between a basic massage and a truly healing experience.

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