Five Things You May Not Know About Hi-Tek Electronics

by Gayle Gilham on March 6, 2017

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Hi-Tek Electronics

As times change, so does this member company. Hi-Tek Electronics’ team is filled with hard-working, passionate individuals committed to producing some of the highest quality circuit boards in the industry. Did you know…

  1. Its HistoryHi-Tek Electronics was founded around 1989 in Silverton, Oregon by Gary Foster. Three employees who started working for the company over 25 years ago remain an integral part of operations today. Daniel Gossack, the current and fourth owner, had been a customer of Hi-Tek since 1993 through another company, TimeMark Incorporated.
  2. Its Production – Hi-Tek is a contract manufacturer of electronic circuit board assemblies for companies in a wide variety of industries throughout the Northwest. In 2016 it placed an estimated 6 million parts on 95,000 circuit boards for 43 customers.
  3. Its Customers – Examples of products using the circuit boards that Hi-Tek builds are: commercial drone cameras; industrial 3D printers; material handling machines; medical imaging; commercial baking equipment; communications systems; battery control systems; electronic keys; agricultural spray units; industrial compressors; traffic counters; industrial measuring; diesel motor monitors; underground communications equipment; and ceramics ovens.
  4. Its Capacity – Hi-Tek has machines that can place and inspect components as small as 0.0256 inch by 0.0138 inch. There are employees who can solder these same components using microscopes and incredibly steady hands. Over 5,000 individual parts are stocked and several thousand more consignment parts are provided by customers.
  5. Its Other Services – Hi-Tek has a subsidiary, Hi-Line Assembly, that provides mechanical and electrical assembly services, including: testing, adding cables, assembling in enclosures, calibration and packaging. Although these services are mostly additional production done to PCB assemblies built by Hi-Tek, they have been contracted for other applications.

Cascade is pleased to feature Hi-Tek Electronics, where long-term customer relationships are forged by providing exceptional services and unsurpassed flexibility to meet customer needs.

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