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by Michelle Toney on May 23, 2012

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Vintage Color Cupcake Sprinkle Candies

Sometimes the things that I’d like to talk about on this blog are like the sprinkles on a cupcake. Random, scattered and multi-colored bits of fun. But put together in a post they might be really enjoyable, so here goes…

      • Every good HR blog post should start of with some Family Leave fun…so in case you’ve been looking for a webinar to get caught up on all the cool details again, never fear, Jenna Reed is here! And she’s going to be releasing an updated Family Leave webinar at the end of May.
      • One of my favorite HR bloggers, Lisa Rosendahl, wrote a great post on the threat of complacancy in HR.
      • I stumbled upon a post that I had missed by Tara Rodden Robinson about procrastinating and getting things done.  
      • Did you know Tara can come to your workplace and teach “Overload and Overwhelm Smackdown! The Art and Science of Doing More with Less” as a group session? Or you can sign up for her class on June 14th. (This class is only for those who have too much work on their desks, or find themselves not keeping up on a regular basis. Anybody?)
      • Everyone swears that having creative employees is every supervisor’s dream. But check out what happened at my friend’s workplace when the boss took vacation for a week .

It’s Wednesday! What can you accomplish by Friday to have a great weekend? If you want, leave a comment below.


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